About Gun Mayhem

Gun Mayhem are platformer games that contain large number of challenges that you have to face with and win. All Games are totally free games that do not require a registration or installation , they are available to you 24/7 and you can play them at any time. If you're a player who likes fighting games, challenges, platforms, weapons, explosives, then this is the site for you where you can play games that contain exactly those qualities. Try each Gun Mayhem game that you see because each is unique and special in its own way, each part have a different arena in which you fight against your opponent. Test your skills in these popularly Mayhem games.

How To Play Mayhem Games

The aim in each of these games are the same, and that is to push your opponent off the platform right into the abyss and to do that you need to have good reflexes, speed and precision. Using your weapon and bombs is one of the main way to push your opponent off the platform into the abyss but be careful because the detonation of the bomb can push you into the abyss too so keep your distance when throwing bombs. From time to time from the sky will fall various boosters that can help you in the short time during the battle. Your task is to survive and in order to move to the next level you will need to defeat your opponent and keep in mind that after every level your opponent will be harder to kill because of that you will have to think hard and give your best. It is important to frequently move and jump to avoid the opponent's bullets and also try to avoid various obstacles that can harm you. Play with your friends compete with each other who will survive longer on the platform and make the highest score. These games will provide you with maximum pleasure and fun. Show your skills in these popular games. In these games you can play two modes which are available for you to play and these are the Challenges and Custom mode. In The Challenges your mission is to show how skilled you are at Mayhem Games and in Custom mode you can set up to 4 players, and thus have more fun with your friends.


Gun Mayhem games are one of the most popular, most played and most challenging games when it comes to platformers game. various types of weapons, bombs, adrenaline and much more you can expected in these these exciting games, try each of them, compete with your friends, beat your opponents in every arena, make the best score and show your skills in battles that require Reflexes, Speed and Precision. Good luck!